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PPS Pipeline Systems GmbH


We have been creating innovative solutions for projects in pipeline and plant construction together with our customers for 60 years. As a leading supplier for the gas and oil industry, also renowned companies in the chemical and water supply industries are among our customers.


Our scope of professional services include engineering, delivery, construction, and commissioning of pipelines and plants in the sectors of pumping, transport, storage, and distribution of oil, gas, and other media. As a general contractor, we also take on an important market position for large-scale projects all across Europe.


As a part of the HABAU Group and as your partner, we can also deliver to other construction projects.


Currently PPS group employs approximately 730 workers domestically and internationally, and posted construction sales of about 74 million euros for the fiscal year 2012/13.




Founded in 1954 as a service company for the natural gas and crude oil exporting and processing industry, Winter & Co., the core of today's PPS Pipeline Systems GmbH, built and assembled gathering stations and operating terminals and laid connector lines for the growing oil and gas industry in northern Germany.


Over the years new customers from the sector of refining industry and tank farms, natural gas distributors, supply utilities, city utilities and industrial plants in a broad range of business branches have joined our customer base.


In 1965 the company was taken over by Preussag AG, and the company developed as a national and international pipeline and facilities constructor.


Following a strategy overhaul in 1999, Preussag Wasser und Rohrtechnik GmbH expanded its scope of business and subsidiary companies into various limited companies.


PPS Pipeline Systems GmbH arose from the Pipeline Construction, Facilities Engineering and the subsidiary WINTER ROHRBAU in Quakenbrück, Germany.


PPS Pipeline Systems GmbH was a 100% daughter company of Preussag Wasser und Rohrtechnik GmbH, which became a daughter company of the Deutsche Babcock AG in Oberhausen, Germany on 1 October 1999.


HABAU Hoch- und Tiefbaugesellschaft mbH in Perg, Austria acquired all the shares of PPS Pipeline Systems GmbH in September 2002